Workplace Health & Safety

Workplace Health & Safety

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Workplace Health & Safety

Talent Blue is committed to assisting its clients and employees to implement safe, efficient and environmentally responsible working environments.

We recognise that to achieve this goal we need the positive involvement and the active participation and support of placed candidates and the client Company, as well as employees in Talent Blue offices. Building good relationships between customers and us is an important criterion in a long-term relationship. How do we encourage our colleagues to always develop in terms of mental health. In the laboratory everyone will find information that interests him. Which will help a lot both at work and in personal relationships.

Talent Blue employees shall co-operate with our clients in their compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations in a way that is protective of the health and safety of its employees, non-employees and the surrounding communities and environment.

To achieve this, Talent Blue employees shall comply with our clients local environmental policies, procedures and emergency planning initiatives in accordance with our clients, Environmental and Safety Management Systems.

Our aim is to safeguard the health and safety of all employees and Candidates.

To this end we will work with the candidates, clients and employees to:

In addition, we will:

We are committed to eliminating incidents that result in injury, occupational illness or damage to the environment.

Employee Responsibilities

All employees are required to implement practices consistent with the above.

You have a responsibility not to do anything that may cause injury to yourself or others. You could be held personally liable for injury caused through your actions if they are determined as negligent.

Occupational Health & Safety laws require you to work in a safe manner and to ensure that you are working at safe workplaces. Just as you must be aware of accident possibilities on the roads and must take care, so the same applies to being at work.

You are not expected to work under unsafe conditions. If you think conditions are unsafe within a client or Talent Blue workplace, you must report them to the client and/or your Talent Blue representative immediately. If you are on a client site and feel unable to communicate with the client or the client disagrees, you must then report the matter to your Talent Blue representative.

This policy cannot cover all possibilities. You have a responsibility to be alert and thinking at all times. Ask questions when in doubt. Even if asked, do not do anything which you feel is unsafe. Contact us if you have concerns.

1. Protective Clothing

You must wear protective clothing as required by each client and/or Talent Blue.

2. Footwear

In general, comfortable, strong footwear that covers the entire foot must be worn. Sandals, soft shoes, open toe shoes, open weave shoes or high heel shoes are unsuitable in most cases and must not be worn unless appropriate.

In designated areas, steel capped, safety shoes must be worn. You must check before working whether safety shoes are required. You must not go into areas where safety equipment is required to be worn if you are not wearing it.

3. Ear and Eye Protection

Some workplaces have levels of noise and circumstances that could cause ear or eye injury. If you are working in such areas:

  • Ensure that you have adequate ear and eye protection as required.

  • If it is not a requirement, but you wish to use ear or eye protection, ask at the workplace.

  • If you believe you should be wearing eye or ear protection and the client has not provided it or does not want you to use it, contact your Talent Blue representative or the Talent Blue office immediately.

4. Care Around Machinery


You must take great care if near or around machinery. If you are required to use machines in your work you must make sure that you have been fully instructed on the safe use of the equipment. Ask the client workplace manager or your Talent Blue representative to show you how to safely operate the equipment you are to use.

Always concentrate and be alert. Even the simplest machines can cause major injuries.

If you believe you have not had sufficient instruction or the correct licence to enable you to safely operate a piece of machinery, under no circumstances should you commence work. If at a client site, explain to the client manager your reason for not commencing work and contact your Talent Blue representative or the Talent Blue office immediately.

5. Alcohol and Illegal Drugs

Consuming alcohol, using illegal drugs or abuse of prescription drugs, at any client work place or in Talent Blue offices, is strictly prohibited.

Working while under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs is also prohibited.

A breach of this requirement may result in disciplinary action, up to and including summary termination of your employment.

You will be held personally liable for any injuries or problems caused while you are under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs. (See Code of Conduct).

6. Prescription Drugs

All employees have a responsibility to check for possible side effects with their doctor if they are required to use prescription drugs while working.

If there are possible side effects, that could impact your ability to work safely, you must advise us before starting a placement, continuing in a placement, or commencing work at a Talent Blue office. We will work with you to help ensure that you and other workers are safe at work.

7. Medical Conditions

If you have a medical condition that does not prevent you from working but could pose a safety issue for you or others, you have a responsibility to bring this to our attention. Where appropriate, we will ensure that the client business manager is made aware of the issues and that support procedures are in place where required. Within a Talent Blue office, we will provide the same support to assist you to safely carry out your responsibilities.

You must declare in writing pre-existing injuries and/or illnesses that impact your ability to perform the inherent requirements of your job. If you do not declare these, any workers’ compensation claim made by you may be declined.

8. Reporting of Injury and Incidents

Employees on a client site must report all injuries and incidents, no matter how small, to the client manager immediately. The client manager has a legal responsibility to keep a register of these.

All employees must report all injuries and incidents to their Talent Blue representative immediately.

Failure to report an injury may stop or delay processing of your claim.

9. Practical Jokes and Horseplay

Any practical joke or behaviour that is, or may be, dangerous to any person or property is strictly forbidden at Client sites and in Talent Blue offices.

10. Smoking

Talent Blue seeks to provide a ‘Smoke Free’ working environment for its employees. Most of our clients have the same policy. As a consequence the following has been instituted;

  • Except as provided for below, there is an absolute ban on smoking in and around all buildings and in and around other enclosed areas at all Talent Blue or client sites.

  • Specially designated and controlled areas maybe established at certain sites and smoking will be permitted in these areas under conditions determined by Talent Blue or client management.

  • Placed employees must strictly observe any specific instructions regarding smoking issued by client management while on a client site.

11. Manual Handling

Always warm up and stretch before you start work, this will often help to prevent injury.

Where necessary, detailed manual handling procedures are conducted as an additional briefing, using material sourced from insurers and medical authorities. You must use any mechanical lifting devices provided in the workplace.

Do not lift anything you feel is too heavy for you. Always ask for help, do not put yourself at risk.

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