Use of Personal Devices

Use of Personal Devices

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Use of Personal Devices

Talent Blue expects you to devote your full attention to the successful performance of your job duties.

Personal devices such as mobile telephones, smartwatches, electronic tablets etc. could present safety hazards and cause quality control problems by distracting you from concentrating on your work.

For these reasons, it is important that there should be no distraction from the job that you have been directed to carry out.

This is particularly critical when you are operating machinery or in the vicinity of machinery.

The use of personal mobile phones at the workplace is not permitted during the hours of work except in unusual circumstances and with the authority of your immediate supervisor.

Your Talent Blue representative and/or your direct work site supervisor have exclusive discretion to determine what circumstances justify the use of a personal mobile phone at the work site.

Talent Blue employees are allowed to use their personal devices in the lunch room/ rest area and only during that time when employees are allowed to be in the lunch room/rest area.

Any breach of these guidelines may result in disciplinary action that may include termination of employment.

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