TalentBlue Onhire

TalentBlue Onhire

We believe in the power of human connections

TalentBlue Managed Services aims to solve an emerging and significant problem in managing the costs associated with agency recruitment fees while ensuring a company’s recruitment needs are effectively managed, so clients can focus on their core business without the hassle of multi-vendor communications.

The TalentBlue model immediately rationalises a company’s operator numbers and fees, while providing visibility, transparency and significant savings. Not surprisingly, this model has proven very popular with our clients.

Existing relationships, including established terms with Australia’s leading recruitment providers, means TalentBlue is purposefully positioned to establish new panels, stocked with appropriate resources for any client.

The TalentBlue Managed Service offering recognises and enhances the value that leading agencies deliver to clients. We work closely with all parties and stakeholders to align agency capabilities to client needs.

We work closely with fewer agencies to develop a better understanding of our client needs, which results in better recruitment outcomes.


Managed Services Industry Sector List

TalentBlue assists companies of all shapes and sizes in identifying highly skilled candidates for a variety of roles across a number of sectors.