Network Usage

Network Usage

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Network Usage

The internet/intranet and e-mail facilities are provided to assist Talent Blue employees in performing their job as efficiently as possible and it is the intention of the Company to encourage responsible use of these facilities. This policy aims to reduce the likelihood of legal liability for the Company and its employees and uphold the Company’s reputation; it will apply to all established employees, temporary employees, agency staff and consultants/contractors.

Personal use of the Internet is permitted provided it is not excessive use and is not being abused. It is the responsibility of each manager to monitor this use.




Send all authorised confidential e-mails with suitable encryption, the IT department can assist if encryption is necessary, if in any doubt seek the advice of your Manager.


Ensure that e-mails are only sent to necessary recipients, as reading them can be time consuming.


Treat digital signatures (used in ‘signing’ contracts/agreements via e-mail) as binding as handwritten signatures.


Be aware that e-mails can be retrieved from the system although they may appear to have been deleted.


Be aware that use of the internet/intranet and e-mail is intended for the specific purpose of enabling better performance of an employee’s duties, all other use will be considered as non-productive use of time.




Reveal or publicise confidential Company information and be aware that internet/intranet and e-mail messages are not necessarily a secure means of communication.


Transmit of any personal information relating to a third party (particularly Company employees) without the prior approval of the individual and/or the HR department.


Download any software or electronic files without ensuring virus protection measures, which have been approved by the Company, are on your internet/intranet and e-mail equipment. Please contact IT for further information.


Intentionally spread computer viruses or sustain high volume usage that substantially hinders others in their use of the above-mentioned facilities. E.g. electronic chain mail.


Send electronic messages containing any words, phrases or other material that may be sexually or racially abusive, obscene, discriminatory or defamatory, in any way whatsoever, or which may have the effect of the recipient feeling harassed, bullied or Bullying, Harassment and Anti-discrimination Policy victimised as a result of receiving the message.


Should you receive such offending messages you must bring this to the attention of both your manager and the IT staff immediately.


Upload, download, or otherwise transmit commercial software or copyrighted materials belonging to parties, without their consent.


Use the Internet for freelance business, gambling, viewing pornographic, obscene, hateful or other inappropriate sites.


Examine, change, or use another person’s files, output, or user name without authorisation.


Access e-mails that are not addressed to them, unless they have been given authority to do so from the person(s) to whom the message was sent. Perform any other inappropriate uses identified by the IT department.

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Whilst being mindful of the general right of employees to privacy at work, in order to ensure the effective operation of this policy and to safeguard the Company’s greater interest, the Company reserves the right to monitor e-mails at any time sent or received by any of its employees. This covers e-mails sent and received internally or externally and also the employee’s use of the internet/intranet, where relevant.


Employees are warned that a breach of any of the provisions of this policy may constitute misconduct resulting in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.


The IT department is responsible for the implementation and support of the Company’s computer network. All those persons referred to within the scope of this policy are required to adhere to its terms and conditions.

All employees must understand that this policy forms part of their terms and conditions of employment.

The Company reserves the right to amend or update this policy from time to time. Any queries regarding the application or interpretation of this policy should be directed to the Directors of Talent Blue, who have the responsibility for ensuring the maintenance, regular review and updating of this policy.

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