Harassment, Discrimination & Bullying

Talent blue

Prevention of Harassment and/or Discrimination and Bullying

Talent Blue will provide a work environment free from discrimination, harassment and bullying where all employees, consultants and contractors are treated with courtesy and respect. Talent Blue will make every reasonable attempt to ensure that its clients also provide such an environment.

It is the responsibility of all candidates placed with Talent Blue clients to ensure that they respect the rights of all other workers whether placed by Talent blue, or employees, or contractors of the client, including their right to work in an environment free of harassment.

Likewise, it is the responsibility of Talent Blue employees to ensure that they respect the rights of all other workers in Talent Blue offices, including their right to work in an environment free of harassment.

Bullying is defined as repeated unreasonable behaviour directed towards a person or group of persons that creates an Occupational Health and Safety risk.

Some bullying conduct may be considered criminal.

Harassment is defined as “any unwelcomed, uninvited behaviour, whether verbal, written or physical, against another person”.

Harassment offends, humiliates or intimidates other people. Bullying behaviour is a form of harassment.

Discrimination and harassment on the basis of any personal characteristics covered by Australian anti-discrimination laws is absolutely prohibited.

These laws prohibit harassment on the basis of:

Talent Blue has an effective internal procedure for dealing with complaints from employees and placed workers based on the principals of natural justice.

Talent Blue will treat all complaints in a sensitive, fair, timely and confidential manner.

We have large numbers of people working within our offices and in placements who are from diverse cultural, ethnic, religious and other backgrounds. Just as you expect other people to respect your culture, ethnic background, religious beliefs, opinions and sexuality, you have a responsibility to show the same respect to others.

  • You have a legal right to protection that you must exercise.

  • You have a legal duty to not commit any act of discrimination, harassment and bullying.

You must be aware of your rights and responsibilities with regard to sexual, racial and other harassment or discrimination.

If you discriminate against, harass or bully any person, you may be held personally liable to pay compensation to that person.

Where Talent Blue employees are placed with clients, we have no direct control over those employees or anyone else at client’s worksite. However, we will not knowingly be involved in situations where any law is breached.

  • Maintain the employment or ongoing placement of an employee if you commit an act of discrimination, harassment or bullying.

  • Retain as a client any business that engages, condones, or allows continuing acts of discrimination, harassment or bullying of any sort.

In the instance of employees placed at a client, we have an employment relationship with those candidates and a separate contract with the client. We all have a responsibility to discuss these issues and help resolve them. We are committed to doing so.

If you feel uncomfortable with any of these procedures, you may ask someone else to report on your behalf. We will act on your inquiry or report, conduct an immediate investigation and will take appropriate action. We will be sensitive to the inquiry and to the situation.

Your failure to take these steps may put you at risk of being subject to continued harassment discrimination or bullying by the individual(s) responsible. Do not take that risk. We can and will help.

At any time you may request a full copy of our policies by contacting your consultant.


What to do if you feel harassment, discrimination or bullying
  • Ask the person/s committing the act to stop.

  • Inform the supervisor where you are working or your Talent Blue representative of the situation.

  • Contact us to inform us of the situation where it occurs on a client’s premises.

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