Equality of Access to Employment

Equality of Access to Employment

Talent blue


 Talent blue undertakes to promote a workplace culture that is:

  • Based on fair practices which will safeguard the rights of persons with disabilities

  • Fostering workplace relations that value communication, consultation, co-operation

  • Promoting the safety of all employees and visitors to our sites

  • Respecting our customers and delivering our promises

  • Encouraging our people to reach their potential

  • Encouraging our host employers to attract all potential candidates, including disabled persons

  • Treating disabled candidates with dignity and respect and to enjoy equal terms and conditions of employment

Treating people equally does not necessarily mean treating them the same; people with disabilities may have specific requirements which must be met in order for them to be included in the workforce.

Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action

Talent Blue is committed to providing all employees with the opportunity to advance according to their individual abilities, performance and potential. We recognise that our continued growth and success depends on the ability of all our employees to realise their full potential. Consequently, we believe in equal opportunity and encouraging, advancement within the workplace.

Our aim is to recruit, train and promote on the basis of merit. Discriminatory practices and harassment of any kind are not tolerated. Talent Blue actively promotes equal opportunity for access to all occupations and levels based on merit and ability. We examine all aspects of employment and aim to remedy areas of discrimination or disadvantages for all our employees.

We are an equal opportunity company where the selection of individuals for placements and employment is based purely on:

  • The individual’s performance as a worker;

  • The individual’s availability; and/or

  • The individual’s skills and suitability for the work available.

Our hiring process

1. Policy definitions

1.1 Disability

Is a difficulty in functioning at the body, person or societal levels, in one or more life domains, as experienced by an individual with a health condition in interaction with contextual factors.

1.2 Persons with disabilities

Include those who have long term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments, which in interaction with various barriers may hinder their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others.

1.3 Recognition

Of persons with disabilities include those who have a permanent disability which is readily apparent and those with disabilities that are not apparent.

1.4 Employer of Choice

Talent Blue makes every effort to tap into talent sources for the best possible candidate for the role, regardless of disabilities. We have positive measures in place design to meet the particular requirements of persons with disabilities so as not to be regarded as discriminatory against other candidates.

1.5 Selection and Recruitment

job advertisements reflect the principle that Talent Blue is committed to being an employer of choice, respecting workforce diversity

1.6 Application process

candidates who make their disabilities known will be requested to detail any accommodation they may require to enable them to compete for the position on an equal basis with other candidates. All reasonable efforts will be made by Talent Blue to comply with such requests.

1.7 Career development and learning opportunities

once recruited, candidates with disabilities have the right to fully develop their career potential on an equal basis with other candidates. We are committed to providing access learning and career development opportunities to all our candidates.



Where appropriate, flexible working arrangements may be agreed upon by the supervisor and candidate concerned, with the objective of meeting work requirements and the candidate’s particular needs, Talent Blue will take steps to protect the rights of disabled persons to have access to information and to communication.

The entire workforce should have access to information technology tools, which will be made available in accessible formats. Disabled candidates shall be consulted by their host employer concerning special equipment or furniture that may be necessary to enable them to perform the essential functions of their job, including effective access to information technology tools.

TalentBlue assists companies of all shapes and sizes in identifying highly skilled candidates for a variety of roles across a number of sectors.