Employee Media & PR Guidelines

Employee Media & PR Guidelines

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Employee Media & PR Guidelines

Talent Blue has a public relations and media guidelines in place so that we can better protect our company’s good name and corporate identity in the media as well as that of our clients.

The guideline is simple:

No one is authorised to talk to the media about Talent Blue or its clients, the relevant industry or any other issue relating to their employment or placement.

This is not because we have anything to hide, it is because our first responsibility is to the company and its clients’ good names, and because media contact needs to be closely co-ordinated and controlled to be effective. For the effective interaction of our workers, We always recommend developing their mental health. This will help them improve their communication skills and help them understand how to interact with colleagues at work. In the laboratory https://www.mentalmasterylab.com/ You can learn about this and many other things that in one way or another affect the course of our lives.

All enquiries from the media should be directed to your consultant who will escalate to a Director. Do not get involved in discussions or debates with the media callers. Simply take the name of the person calling and tell them that someone will get back to them.

Of course, our media guidelines in no way prevents you from speaking positively about Talent Blue in general, non-confidential terms with its clients or your customers, suppliers, family, friends and local community.

These contacts provide you with an ideal opportunity to enhance our image and we encourage you to use them.

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