Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct


 All employees shall:

1. Observe and strictly comply with all laws relevant to the Country, State or Territory of operation.

2. Treat all individuals with respect regardless of their sex, race, colour, religious beliefs or position in the operation.

3. Accept responsibility to themselves, their families, their colleagues, Talent Blue and its clients to work safely.

4. Conduct all business dealings and financial transactions with integrity and in an honest, fair and reasonable manner that will reflect well upon the individual, Talent Blue and its clients.

5. Use Talent Blue funds and clients’ funds and other resources responsibly and in the best interests of Talent Blue and its clients.

6. Not disclose, or otherwise make available to any unauthorized parties, any intellectual property or other propriety information belonging to Talent Blue or its clients. This includes intellectual property and other propriety information belonging to other parties, which may be in the care of and/or for the specific use of Talent Blue or its clients.

7. Not accept benefits, gifts or other inducements from third parties associated with Talent Blue or its clients’ business activities unless they are of a trivial, inexpensive or seasonal nature and do not influence the outcome of any dealing. In any event, the employee shall advise his or her immediate superior of the receipt of all such items.

8. Not enter into any transaction or become engaged in any other situation which might result in a conflict of interest with Talent Blue &/or its clients.

9. Maintain written records of all material dealings with external parties to provide adequate audit substantiation and demonstrate compliance with Talent Blue policies.

10. Be familiar with all relevant Talent Blue policies and procedures relevant to all activities undertaken.

11. Not act in any manner, which might discredit the name and reputation of Talent Blue and/ or its clients.

12. Not use the name, reputation or other resources of Talent Blue &/or its clients to promote any unauthorised activity.

13. Report to the Talent Blue management any breach, by any person, of this code of conduct, or any Talent Blue policies or procedures, or any other unlawful activities of which they become aware.


Accountability, Integrity, Honesty, Pride and Innovation

With every engagement, our team are guided by Talent Blue’s Core Values. They’re not just words on paper. Our values guide our decision making processes every day. We internally reward and recognize our staff who display these values and celebrate their achievements. The team member that best embraces and embodies Talent Blue’s core values on the most consistent basis throughout the year is honoured at our annual conference.

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