Anti-Slavery Policy For Talent Blue

Talent blue

Non Reporting Entity

Talent Blue is committed to conducting all its business activities with the utmost standards of business ethics and integrity. We are dedicated to creating a workplace that fosters respect for all our employees, ensuring a discrimination-free, abuse-free, and exploitation-free environment.

The term “modern slavery” encompasses various exploitative practices such as human trafficking, slavery, forced labor, child labour, and debt bondage. Talent Blue is resolute in its commitment to ensuring that modern slavery concerns have no place in our business operations or supply chain.

Talent Blue specialises in offering recruitment and labor hire services to businesses throughout Australia, focusing on trades and services and labour hire services across various industries. While we are not classified as a reporting entity under the Australian Modern Slavery Act of 2018, we recognise the significance of transparency within supply chains to accurately report on existing and potential slavery practices, as well as to provide a framework for their eradication.

Hence, we pledge to assess and monitor the risks of modern slavery within our business and supply chain, taking the necessary steps to eradicate such practices. Talent Blue's approach to monitoring modern slavery is as follows:

  • Acknowledge the influence we possess in effecting change within our community, considering how our actions and business practices can impact and contribute to situations where supplier pricing is unreasonably low.
  • Foster meaningful relationships with external stakeholders by:
    • Providing modern slavery awareness through training.
    • Communicating our expectations through client agreements.
    • Identifying and addressing inappropriate practices.
  • Adopt a risk management approach, working closely with both internal and external stakeholders to pinpoint areas where modern slavery may be present and actively monitoring the associated risks.

Our company Code of Conduct encompasses elements central to the promotion of ethical and responsible behavior through our values, including:

  • Upholding high ethical standards and leading by example.
  • Nurturing workplace relations that prioritise communication, consultation, and cooperation.
  • Ensuring the safety of all employees and visitors to our sites.
  • Respecting our customers and fulfilling our commitments.
  • Encouraging our people to achieve their full potential.

TalentBlue assists companies of all shapes and sizes in identifying highly skilled candidates for a variety of roles across a number of sectors.